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Ethical Practice

The spiritual path and daily practice to which I am committed is one which intrinsically respects all beings.  The pursuit of authenticity and integrity are fundamental to my personal outlook and spiritual beliefs.  I would find it impossible to work unethically with Spirit or the issues that people bring to me. For this reason I also reserve the right to decline certain types of work.

My policy is always to make my charges known before a session is booked. Each session is held in complete confidence and my clients’ welfare is my primary concern at all times.  I seek to provide people with the best possible service available including referral to another practitioner or medical practitioner if this is necessary. My aim is not to behave in any manner that gives rise to the exploitation of a client and I am committed to the Principles of Integrity of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.


I always limit the number of sessions to the least necessary, commensurate with the good care and continuing welfare of the client.

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Professional Insurance

I hold professional and public liability insurance for shamanic healing and teaching.

If you have any questions or require further information, please see my details on the Contact page.

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