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This psychological and spiritual “crisis” caused me to embark on what at times felt like a personal development roller coaster!  I undertook challenging courses ranging from those by Landmark Education which are about personal discovery to powerful spiritual retreats run by Mary Aver. During this time I found it was the rituals and teachings from shamanic traditions which resonated most strongly with me.

In 1997 I began training intensively with the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies and I felt as if I was “coming home” to something very deep and familiar. From that time my shamanic practice quickly began to grow and develop and for some years now, in response to the call of Spirit and my heart, I have been privileged to use my training together with the healing power of my spirit guides and helpers for the benefit of others.  More recently I qualified as a Spiritual Companion in holistic spirituality which has deepened my appreciation of other religious and spiritual traditions. I am also a practicing Vajrayana Buddhist and the Buddhist values of compassion and mindfulness inform my work.

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About Me

I grew up in East Anglia in an environment surrounded by fields and countryside which I loved exploring during the long Summer holidays!  In my twenties I travelled widely and spent a year living and working in Switzerland where I gained a lifelong love of snow capped mountains, fast flowing rivers and dense green forests! During this period of travel and adventure I met some wonderful people and my search for spiritual fulfilment led to many positive changes in my life.

After returning to Britain and experiencing several years of spiritual exploration and development, much of it within a mainstream Christian setting, I decided to study theology with a view to being ordained in the Church of England.  At first I found the training interesting and enjoyable but this did not continue. By the time my training came to an end, I had realised that the role of an Anglican Priest was not for me and after graduation, I returned to “secular” life.  

The following years saw me living and working in London, but despite having a successful career and a fulfilling long term relationship, I felt that something fundamental was still missing in my life.  A sense of inner turmoil continued to grow and this finally came to a head in 1995 during a particularly difficult time which caused me to search for a solution.

When working for others, continued personal and spiritual development is essential. In addition to attending Buddhist events in the UK, I regularly undertake specialist training with international teachers such as Betsy Bergstrom. I am also a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners and regularly attend their gatherings. This is an international organisation founded in the USA which seeks to provide a forum for sharing ideas about integrating shamanic practice into contemporary society, clinical practice, institutions, and the efforts to heal the earth.

Canterbury Cathedral, Kent

Museum of Anthropology,Vancouver

Lake Bachalpsee, (2,265m) Swiss Alps

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” 

Khalil Gibran

I am based in Ealing with excellent links to the rest of London and the South East by Underground, Bus and road.

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